School Events Made Easy!

Perfect for your school!

Planning a big school event may seem a little daunting but rest assured that our experienced staff is knowledgeable with the latest trends and musical styles. Some of our staff members perform in clubs, radio, and various other venues. Along with a dazzling light show, your event will be remembered for many years to come.

We will create and play the perfect theme music for your special event. Are you going to have a rally, homecoming, costume party, graduation, or formal dance? Do you need to plan a traditional dance or do you wish to create an original theme? Our specialized staff is well versed on a multitude of possible styles and themes and no event is too small or too large that our experienced team cannot handle. We can help by providing the latest music and create a variety of light effects that will compliment your style and theme.

Some of the students from the local high schools and universities are familiar with some of our more popular DJs. In fact, students ask for DJs by name at some the local promotional events and can’t wait to start dancing to their original tracks and mixes. Year after year, school organizers and students continue to seek our prime DJs for their school event. Send us an e-mail or give us a call and find out why. Contact –

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